Invest in your business by investing in yours

people. Improve their health, mindset, declutter their headspace and let them flourish!

Guidance packages for health and well-being for companies can be beneficial for fresh ideas and professional skills.

These benefits are clear.

What do we offer?

Well-being figures. The opportunity for your employees to meet and learn about interesting facts related to work-life balance and general health awareness. It takes about an hour and our specialist provides time for questions and answers afterwards. Available for book as a complete series of 4 or a single session with a selected topic.

TCM Health consultation with the diagnosis to determine participants' needs and expectations.
This is a 30-minute online session (skype / zoom) that can be scheduled independently of the employees on their own time.

Holistic eating advice and guidance

Three-week Mind & Body Holistic Detox program to boost your immunity, energy, metabolism, balance your body and mind, rejuvenate internally (useful handouts and resources, such as recipes, exercises and tips)
Access to a 45-minute online counseling and life coaching (stress management, self-care, balance between life and work, maintaining a positive and healthy mindset, other staff) - By experienced specialist, Body Soul & Mind Platform founder- Anni Hansen.

And more. We can adjust the packages according to your needs. You know your people.

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