Invest in your business by investing in your

people. Improve their health, mindset, declutter their headspace and allow them to blossom!

Health and Wellness Guidance packages for corporations can be beneficial to fresh ideas and professional abilities. These benefits are evident.

                                                                                    What do we offer?

  • ·        Wellbeing Talks. The opportunity for your employees to get together and learn about interesting facts related to work-life balance and overall health awareness. ​Takes about an hour, and our specialist will allow the time for questions and answers afterwards. Available to book as a full series of 4, or a single session of a chosen topic.       

  • TCM Health consultation with the diagnosis to establish the needs and expectations of participants​.

  • ​ ​This is a 30-minute online session (skype/zoom) which can be scheduled independently by the employees in their own time.

  •  Holistic eating advice and guidance 

  • Three weeks​​ Mind & Body Holistic Detox program​ ​to boost your immunity, energy, metabolism, bring your body and mind to balance, rejuvenate inside out (useful handouts and resources, such as recipes, exercises, and tips)                                         

  • Access to a 45-minute Online Counselling and Life Coaching session (stress management, self-care, life-work balance, maintaining positive & healthy mindset, other personnel matters)- By experienced specialist, Body Soul & Mind Platform founder- Anni Hansen. 

  • And more. ​​                                                                                                                                                                          We can adjust the packages based on your needs. You know your people.


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